I Set Up Marketing Systems 

for Online Businesses.

I am a brand strategist, digital media curator, and digital media coach.

Since 2012, I have been trusted to help businesses create project management systems and pipelines for online content, including:

  • Graphic design

  • Logo design

  • Motion graphics

  • Video Ads

  • ClickFunnels

  • E-mail automation / templates

  • Lead generation

  • Done-for-you systems and projection management


I work with leaders and influencers to craft empowering stories, sell their services, and upgrade their marketing funnels.

The world is changing, we need to change with it.


A great online

brand and business

needs with great design and content strategy.

Think Nike, Apple, or conversely National Geographics. There is a feeling that these brands evoke. 

We will help you craft the

content and feeling your company needs to

stand out online.

Content Strategy

Back in the day, they would ask, what keeps you turning the pages of a book or magazine? Now we ask what keeps you on a webpage? It all starts with the words being used.

People are looking for truth, and information from sources they can trust. We will help craft

the story you want to tell.

It must be clear, simple, and appropriate.

Social Media Systems

Social Media is sexy. It does not need to be a headache or a hassle. Imagine generating a host of content for months at a time in a matter of a day or two. For that, a lot of people think they need to hire a full-time social media coordinator. It's not true.

We can help you plan, curate, and package your content. The best part? We measure success through statistics and math, not media jargon.

Ads & SEO Automation

No campaign or plan for an online business is complete without SEO, ads, or e-mail automation campaigns. Dis-ease implies a lack of ease. And with online businesses, without systems and automation that provide ease-of-use and customization, dis-ease could begin to infect your company. Our goal is to set up traffic, SEO growth, and e-mail automation that will make it easier for you and your company.


What you will get

Quantifiable Metrics
Value Based Goals
Specific Strategy



I have a BA from UBC in System’s theory/Sociology. I Started content creation as an animator, moved into Film and TV, before starting my own business as a digital media specialist.


My objective is to empower entrepreneurs to strategically and beautifully communicate their brand message in order to meet their business goals. From my diverse background, I aim to bring the disciplines of creativity and business together in order to produce results. The more clear we can be with our systems, automation, and messaging, the more effective the business can be.








Jason created content and edited videos for us since June 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jason, and consider him a valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable, and hard-working. Beyond that, he can be relied upon to always come up with a number of solutions to a creative challenge. His knowledge of animation and video production and expertise as an illustrator was a huge advantage to our entire office. He produced over 40 videos of varying lengths, including Tax Freedom Day, Essential Adam Smith, and other successful educational infographic animations. On a personal level, he is a pleasure to work with- always friendly, sociable, and fostering positive discussions with his colleagues. I confidently recommend Jason Chau as an animator and content creator and know that he will be a beneficial addition to any organization.

Dean Pelky, Director of Communications, BC Forestry

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Chau for a little over two years. Jason is extremely creative, innovative, and adept at finding unique ways to express ideas visually. He has a great sense of design and composition and his work can range from whimsical to realistic. When faced with a challenge, he will dig down and put in the time and effort needed to develop a solution. A great example of his work and creativity can be found on the Essential Hayek project, where we collaborated on a series of five videos explaining the theories of noted economist, FA Hayek. http://essentialhayek.org/videos If you have a project that could utilize animated video or graphics, I highly recommend Jason.

Amberlea Schaab, Director of Production, Fraser Institute

Jason was in Animation and I was in Marketing. He always had the patience and creativity to plan his projects well, which led to the success of all projects he worked on. Jason was a fount of information about the latest animation products, special effects or other electronic tools for products or creations. He possesses the perfect combination of practical skills and software savvy to flourish in his field. He had tremendous ideas and was always supportive with regard any problems I had, even when his own workload was overwhelming. Not only is he a talented multimedia artist, but also an incredible producer who uses a hint of humor to add a smile to any beholder of his images. He has an artistic eye and enjoys breaking things down to see how they work. He sees details that others would miss.

Janine Henning, SEO expert

work with JP

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