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English teacher turned Commercial Actor turned Creative Producer. Jason P Chau is son of Vietnamese war refugees. Jason was born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. In high school, he was voted as the most artistic student in his grad class, and received art scholarships for post-secondary. Jason studied at UBC, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and taught English after his undergrad. He soon became restless, and flew to Southeast Asia where he was scouted by a local Thai photographer, and began his career as a commercial model and actor. Self-described as a "pure" introvert, Jason studied animation, and transitioned back behind the camera - where he edited and animated videos, before transitioning again to becoming a creative producer - coupling his knowledge of art and design with his self development and leadership skills. Outside of film production, Jason leads support groups and masterminds to help other creatives achieve their goals. Since 2019, he works in documentary on film in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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