The process is based on a hierarchy of needs.

Needs stem from our CSI core values

In our company culture, our mission is to help your company make money online. In that sense, our branding strategy is not about what you like or dislike.  It is about what is functional, appropriate and concise. 

When you see how these attributes translate to profit. You will love the results.

Start with Self Inventory


What do you need?

During COVID19, I am offering a free consultation to find out what your business needs to thrive online.

There will be no icky sales tactics or NLP type gimmicks unless that's what you like. My packages are transparent, honest, concise and to the point. 

The goal is to provide value.

After we find the right fit

Once we determine what you need. My team of expert designers will determine a branding strategy, and a road-map to success. Not based on designer-fluff talk, but quantifiable numbers.

We will couple art, design with the science of statistics, and strategy of business.

50% of the battle is won in awareness

So you have a product you are proud of. You have your shield and your sword, but the real battle is won on the field. The battle for awareness is what will determine the success or failure of your business. 

That is where we bring in the SEO, Ad experts, and social media managers. You build it with us, someone else, or do it on your own.

With us, you will always get a clear, concise and battle-tested gameplan.

Core Values


We seek first to understand your needs. We will never try to sell you something you do not need.

You may only need the roadmap, or you may need someone to help you slay the dragon. We can craft you the sword or travel with you along the way.

When we stay curious, magic can happen.


Ever go to a car repairman only to feel completely ripped off? Our model is based on transparency and trust. Our aim is to provide a service that will make our client more profit.

Because when you make money, we make money together.


A lot of people, not just businesses try to take short-cuts. That is not what we are about. We want to back up our strategy with hard facts, smart business projections, clear and concise communication. Thinking long-term requires sound reasoning. When you work with us, we base our approach on logic.